East Coast Outrigger Racing Association

East Coast Outrigger Racing Association

Unofficial ECORA Point Series OC1/OC2 Results (2017)

We are pleased to present the Unofficial 2017 ECORA OC1/OC2 Race Results. While we are always honored to see so many established paddlers competing this year, we are also excited to see so many new paddlers on the ECORA roster competing and placing in this year’s points series.

At this point, all race directors have reported the results and we have done an initial tabulation of the points. These results remain subject to change until officially certified and presented at the 2018 ECORA Annual Meeting.

OC6 results to follow. Announcements of meeting date for 2018 will be posted in the next week.

Thank you for your patience and for another exciting year.

2017 ECORA Annual Meeting - Recap

We had a great turnout at our recent 2017 Annual ECORA meeting where we accomplished a number of tasks in preparation for the upcoming season.

  • New races were added to the calendar
  • A Code of Conduct has been adopted
  • Working groups/committees formed with ECORA members who volunteered to contribute their talents, knowledge and time to:
    • Paddling safety
    • Reviewing of our By-Laws 
    • Social Media support

We have an exciting season of races coming up.  Susan Wienand has graciously volunteered to be the Point Series recorder. Please have your race contact sends an email to Sue with race results after your race for certification.

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