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East Coast Outrigger Racing Association

ECORA Web Site Disclaimer

The ECORA web site is very dymanic. As such, new and updated information is frequently posted to the site. As the ECORA Web Site Editor (a.k.a. Dana Aina) is a human being, who volunteers his time and expertise to maintain the site, some posted information can occasionally (but not often) be found inaccurate or outdated.

Hence, ECORA encourages site visitors who have concerns/questions about the accuracy of any posting (i.e., schedules, locations, times, fees, results, rules, etc.) to contact the race organizers directly or an ECORA Officer.

Pointing out simple errors (i.e., spelling inaccuracies, incorrect event date, a paddler's current age group, or a team's true finish/place in a race, etc.) is always appreciated and can be directed to the ECORA Web Site Editor. On the other hand, complaints and whiny emails may get you a vengeful retort and maybe even "da stink eye" next time I see you! So be nice.

Links to external web sites are meant for informational purposes only. Content at those sites, and policies to which those sites adhere, do not reflect the views of ECORA.


ECORA Logo Use Policy

Dear Membership:

In response to your inquiries, the use of the ECORA logo on your club's tee shirts and/or other clothing items, is encouraged, as well as on your canoe(s).

However, it must be understood that the use of the ECORA logo on clothing or canoes does not imply any explicit or implicit responsibility or liability on the part of ECORA.

There is no fee for the use of the artwork. We only ask it be used responsibly.

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